The 5th Philippine Studies Conference in Japan, Nov. 26-27, 2022

Dear Viewers,

Thank you so much for your attention. The conference was successfully conducted with the participation of about 200 people both in-person and online.

I surely hope that the torch of Philippine studies in Japan will be successfully carried by someone who is in charge four years later.


Taihei Okada
Chair, Steering Committee, PSCJ 2022

The Philippines in the 21st Century Asia: Retrospect and Prospect.

In this conference, we aim to bring to the fore two trends in academia surrounding the Philippines, namely the post-COVID 19 pandemic researches and studies on the Philippines and Filipinos more oriented towards East Asia.

The presentations range from traditional disciplines like political science, history and migration studies to emerging fields of recent importance like environmental studies and reactions to the COVID 19 pandemic.

From the panel and presentation proposals, in this age of uncertainties, there are resurgent academic interests in the revaluation of the Philippines’ twentieth and brief twenty-first century history, most notably the three years of brutal occupation under the Japanese, the martial law period, and the iron-fist rule of Rodrigo Duterte.

At this historical juncture in this globalized world, all of us are at a loss between imminent global issues and still narrow national interests, while we are trying to find out where we are going as a humanity. Hopefully, this conference marks an occasion for the Filipinists to reflect upon these large issues.

Taihei Okada,
Convener, The 5th Philippine Studies Conference in Japan

[UPDATE: November 23, 2022]

We welcome walk-ins at Komaba Campus, UTokyo, as well as at the following ZOOM URLs.

Conference Proceedings, Ver. 4.1
Guideline on Online Participation
Guideline on In-Person Participation, Ver. 2
How to get to Komaba Campus
Conference site within the campus (Komcee West and East)

Meeting ID: 833 0129 0713

Meeting ID: 998 0959 1456

Meeting ID: 953 5893 8050
Passcode: 929168

Meeting ID: 958 1514 7095
Passcode: ugSb4w

Meeting ID: 388 884 5285
Passcode: 754092

Note: Please DO NOT post the ZOOM URLs on twitter, blogs, facebook or any other site in the public domain in order to prevent ZOOM raid. If you would like to invite your friend to this conference, please send him or her the website URL, but not these ZOOM URLs.

[UPDATE: November 23, 2022]

Guideline on In-Person Participation (Please check Ver. 2 above)

Technological Rehearsal
Venue: 【ROOM A】 ZOOM URL below
Date and Time: 18:45-22:30 Japan Standard Time (JST), Nov. 24th (Thu.)

Meeting ID: 833 0129 0713

[UPDATE: November 20, 2022]

Conference Proceedings, Ver. 3 (Please check Ver. 4 above)
Name List of the In-Person Attendees as of November 20

[UPDATE: November 12, 2022]

The conference will be held in-person at Komaba Campus, University of Tokyo. In addition, all the sessions can be attended via ZOOM. The Zoom URL will be posted at this website right before the conference. Please take note that all the schedules are in Japan Standard Time. There is no registration fee, but we will take 2000 yen of “lunch fee” from the in-person attendees.

For those who are interested in attending this conference, please respond to the “2nd Online Survey.” The survey runs until November 18.

Name List of the In-Person Attendees as of November 12

[UPDATE: November 4, 2022]

2nd Online Survey (Closed Nov. 20, 2022)

[UPDATE: October 27, 2022]

Conference Proceedings, Ver. 2 (Please check Ver. 3)

[UPDATE: October 16, 2022]

Name list of the attendees in person as of 29 September 2022

[UPDATE: September 20, 2022]

Dear presenters, discussants, moderators, panel organizers, and other participants,

Thank you for your patience. We have uploaded the conference proceedings as below. It will be updated every now and then so please visit this website and check it before attending the conference.

Due to the circumstances, we the steering committee decided to have this conference completely hybrid, both on ZOOM and in person. Given that it is not likely that we can hold a reception with all the participants in one place and many of you are attending this via ZOOM, we decided not to charge any registration fee.

This event is open to the public.

Conference Proceedings, Ver. 1 (Updated above)

If you are planning to come to Japan at this time, please contact the travel agency right away (or if you are being invited, please contact the panel organizer now). As the following links show, it is rather complicated to obtain a visa (tourist visa) and a medical permit. Moreover, it is at your own risk to plan a trip to Tokyo, Japan, given the uncertainties two months down the road.

For those who are involved in presentations, I have sent you a Google form and the format for the letter of invitation. The Google form is to survey how many of you are planning to come to the Komaba Campus, Tokyo, Japan. We will take another survey a few weeks before the conference.

For your additional information regarding visa requirements and entry into Japan, you may refer to the following websites:

Philippine Embassy in Japan

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Covid 19 webpage
(As of now, the Philippines is classified as “Blue”)

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Visa processing webpage


Taihei Okada,
Chair, Steering Committee, PSCJ 2022


For inquiries, please send an email to the following email addresses.

PSCJ 2022 Steering Committee:
Taihei Okada, The University of Tokyo
Yusuke Takagi, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies
Akiko Watanabe, Bunkyo University
Johanna O. Zulueta, Toyo University
Shinji Miyagawa, Sophia University
Nico Rallonza, The University of Tokyo, MA Student